Biohazard in Medical Air Transport

AirLevante Ltd offers with its technicians and biologists, the management, cleaning, disinfection and sanitization service

of the hangars, where present, as well as of the accommodation and rooms dedicated to the conservation of the sanitary equipment, the electromedical equipment, and any other material necessary for the performance of the medical air transport service.

Disinfection takes place by means of automated devices certified for aeronautical use.

H24 Sanitization of rooms used for the preservation of personal protective equipment “PPE” and surgical medical devices “Ventilator, neonatal incubators, oxygen cylinders, etc. etc.” with ozone generators with constant ion release as happens in surgical operating rooms.

External and internal cleaning as well as sanitization, disinfection of helicopters, biological monitoring of contact surfaces, detection of VOC, the disposal of special waste, including treated hospital waste, deriving from the rescue medical activity carried out.

The maintenance of specific registers aimed at demonstrating the regularity of sanitization, disinfection and cleaning operations of hangars, accommodation and aircraft and helicopter.

In accordance with the applicable international aeronautical disciplines, AirLevante Ltd prepares, in coordination with the healthcare personnel, the procedures relating to the interventions related to the sanitization and disinfection of the aircraft and medical equipment on board.







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Agency: Italy – Croatia – Espana – USA – South Africa

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