Medical Gases for Air Transport

AirLevante Ltd offers the management service, cylinders for medical and aviation techniques for the use of electromedical equipment, and any other material necessary for the performance of the medical air transport service.

Our cylinders given to customers are all certified for aeronautical use, and can also be used by glider and airplane pilots at high altitude.

​We supply an H24 certified medical oxygen filling system to be able to fill the cylinders directly at the HEMS airfield.

​We take care of sending the data of the drug gas in AIFA “Agenzia Italiana Farmaco” as per current regulations, filling in the specific registers aimed at demonstrating the regularity of the filling operations, and all the bottles of the drug gas are tracked at an IT level.

In compliance with the applicable international aeronautical disciplines, AirLevante Ltd elaborates, in coordination with the health personnel, the procedures relating to interventions relating to the management of aircraft gas medications and medical equipment on board.







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Agency: Italy – Croatia – Espana – USA – South Africa

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